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Lobe Miracle plus

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This product has been developed to provide you with a two step process to protect your pierced ears.Anti-Bacterial Pierced Ear Protector.

Step 1

Utilize the Lobe Miracle Anti-bacterial Swab to not only cleanse the earring holes, but also fight bacteria and prevent infection with every convenient application.

Step 2

Attach the Lobe Miracle clear, surgical patches to gently lift and support earrings and help prevent lobes from tearing or enlarging. As a result, you will feel and look great wearing your favorite earrings again.


Lobe Miracle surgical patch is easy to apply. Apply Lobe Miracle surgical patch to back of ear lobe, with sticky side facing in towards the ear, covering hole. Press firmly to secure to ear. Next insert earring post through hole and patch, then affix earring backing to post.

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