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Hair Off Facial Spa

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Special package including:

Hair Off Instant Eyebrow Shapers

Discover beautiful eyebrows without the pain and guesswork of tweezing. Hair Off Instant Eyebrow Shapers are fast, easy and mistake proof.

The Shapers are pre-cut and pre-shaped so that when placed under and/or over the eyebrow, they remove the hair to the precise contour of a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Each of the 18 sets of Shapers consist of 2 cold wax strips, one upper (for shaping and removing hair just above the brow) and one lower (for shaping and removing hair just below the brow). Simply place the strip in position, press on, then peel off. Shapers remove not only the longer, thicker hairs, but also the fine, tiny hairs so difficult to see and even more difficult to grip with tweezers. The results will be flawless!

• No guesswork

• Fast, easy and mistake-proof

• Pre-cut and Pre-shaped for precise contouring

• Flawless results

• Stay in place and are repositionable

 18 sets of shapers


For best results, eyebrow hair should grow in for at least 21 days. Skin should be clean, dry and free of body oil, makeup, moisturizer, etc. before attempting to remove eyebrow hair. If a customized, more contoured shape is desired, trim Shapers with scissors.

Wash area to be waxed with soap and cool water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Remove Hair Above the Brow- Use Top Shaper. Separate Shaper from its protective paper backing and hold by the unwaxed (non-sticky) edge. Place the Shaper, sticky side to skin, above the eyebrow. Make sure to cover area where hair removal is desired. Be sure to smooth strip firmly in same direction of hair growth. Immediately after placing Shaper on skin, pull skin taut, using your index and third fingers. In one quick motion, peel strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Remove Hair Below the Brow - Repeat above directions, using the bottom Shaper. 

Remove Hair Between Brows - Follow same directions as above, using rectangular Shapers. Rinse skin with cool water and pat dry. To relieve any tingling or slight stinging sensation, gently press skin with hand. Ice may also be applied. Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera Gel are soothing treatments that may be used while skin surface is sensitive.

Note: If you positioned the Eyebrow Shaper incorrectly, SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY peel the wax strip in the same direction of hair growth. Start over using a new Eyebrow Shaper.


Eyebrow Shapers are NOT to be left on skin for more than 10 seconds. (Note: If hair is not removed or wax is left on skin, you pulled strip in the wrong direction.).Shapers are NOT to be placed on eyelid. If you accidently place the Shaper on the eyelid, SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY peel off the Shaper in the same direction of hair growth. IF YOU EXPERIENCE THE SLIGHTEST DIFFICULTY IN REMOVAL THAT MIGHT CAUSE IRRITATION, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU USE A MINERAL-OIL BASED EYE MAKEUP REMOVER FOR REMOVAL. Apply the eye makeup remover to the edge of the Shaper nearest your nose until it begins to loosen. SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY lift the Shaper toward the outer eyelid while continually applying eye makeup remover under the lifting edge to loosen it.

Hair Off Facial Buffer

Great For Travel and Touch Ups! Like millions of women already have, discover the secret to removing facial hair quickly, conveniently and comfortably! With the Hair Off Facial Buffer you can forget the pain of tweezing and waxing... the smell, mess and irritation of bleach or depilatories. The Buffer, with its exclusive SilCoat™ finish, gently and effectively buffs away facial hair, quickly and completely. You get flawless results every time – without pain, odor, chemicals or mess. Your skin will stay smoother longer because regrowth actually appears slower and less noticeable.

• Removes facial hair quickly, conveniently and comfortably

• No smell, mess or irritation

• SilCoat™ finish, gently and effectively buffs away facial hair

• Keeps skin smoother longer 

1 Buffer, 3 SilCoat™ Strips


1. Separate pink Facial Strip from its protective backing and adhere to purple Support.

2. With one hand, pull skin back, keeping it smooth and taut while gently stroking the Hair Off Facial Buffer over skin in a clockwise motion. 

3. After removing all unwanted hair, wash your face with cold water and apply mild cream if necessary. Also good for touch ups between hair removals. Avoid getting the SilCoat Strip wet.


For external use only. Excessive rubbing may cause abrasions to the skin. Please use carefully. Do not use on eyebrows or near eyes. Do not use over rashes, irritations, sunburn, peeling or broken skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Keep away from children.



Hair Off Creme Facial Hair Remover

With just a few simple brush strokes, you can gently remove unwanted facial hair in just 4 minutes! This is the new generation of hair removal.quick, convenient and so easy, it's mistake proof.

Hair Off Crème Facial Hair Remover is specially formulated to quickly remove hair from your upper lip, chin, cheeks and hairline. Our precision brush applicator makes it easy to apply the Crème exactly where you want it in a thick, even coat with absolutely no mess. The Crème dissolves hair away just below the skin's surface, so there's no "shadow" or stubble.

Our hypo-allergenic formula is gentle on sensitive skin and smells great, with no harsh chemical smell. Chamomile, Aloe and vitamin E leave skin soft, smooth and irritation-free.

• No-mess brush applicator

• Specially formulated to remove facial hair quickly

• Hypo-allergenic formula is gentle on sensitive skin

• No harsh chemical smell

• Contains Chamomile, Aloe and Vitamin E to condition skin

 1.8 oz.


Important: Before using, always do a patch test on area of skin where hair is to be removed and wait 24 hours. If no irritation occurs, continue. See further instructions in the enclosed booklet. Read the enclosed instruction booklet and the caution/warning statements carefully and completely before using.

Where to use: Upper lip, chin, cheeks and hair line. DO NOT USE NEAR EYES OR EYEBROWS.


Be sure skin is clean and free of make-up and oil. Shake bottle well. With brush, gently apply Crème evenly and completely to cover hair with a THICK even layer. DO NOT RUB IN. After 3-4 minutes, test a small area. If hair does not wipe off easily, leave on a few minutes longer. DO NOT EXCEED 10 MINUTES. For especially coarse or hard to remove hair, saturate skin with lukewarm water for several minutes, pat dry and then apply product.

To remove hair: Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and a washcloth if necessary. DO NOT RUB AND DO NOT USE SOAP. Pat dry. Keep bottle tightly capped when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place.


Water, paraffinum liquidum, calcium hydroxide, thioglycolic acid, cetearyl alcohol, potassium hydroxide, stearyl alcohol, sodium silicate, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, ceteareth-20, fragrance, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, tocopheryl acetate, iron oxide.

Not animal tested.


Store in a cool, dry place.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from and do not use on eyes, eyelids, eyebrows and eyelashes. Should product come in contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with lukewarm water. If irritation occurs, consult your physician. This product may be used on the face but should not be used on areas with varicose veins, pimples, moles or warts. Do not use on: mucous membranes, breast nipples, perianal, vaginal or genital areas, in nose or ears, lips, recently tweezed, waxed or shaved areas, rashes, irritations, eczema, sunburn, chapped, peeling, injured, inflamed or broken skin. If irritation/ rash appears, discontinue use.

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