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Here you will find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Off® products and hair removal.

If you have a question regarding one of our Hair Off® products, contact us and one of our Customer Service Representatives will gladly assist you.

Q: Is there anything I should do to prep the area in which I am going to wax or use a depilatory on?
A: When removing unwanted hair from any body part, it is recommended that the skin be clean and free from oils or moisturizers. Products on the skin can inhibit depilatories activating agents and waxes ability to grab hairs, making them less effective.

Q: When shaving unwanted hair from my body, can’t I just use the same soap I shower with?
A: Some people use bar or liquid soaps and some even use baby oil for shaving but these products aren't designed to encourage hairs to stand-up and provide you with the closest possible shave. Bikini Zone Shave Gels are designed to do just that! Bikini Zone offers three different shave gels for various shaving issues.

Q: How do depilatories remove body hair?
A: Depilatories are creams and liquids that break down the proteins within the hair to "break" it just below skin level. This method will leave you smoother longer than shaving.

Q: What is waxing and what are the benefits?
A: Waxing involves applying a thin layer of wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth, then smoothing it over with a piece of linen or cloth. As the wax cools it adheres to both the hair and the linen. While holding the skin taut, you pull the linen off in one quick motion against the direction of hair growth.
This method removes hair from the root. In doing so it will leave the waxed area smooth for 6 to 8 weeks. Waxing can be used on almost any body part, including the upper lip, chin and brow area.

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