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I stumbled upon your product by accident. However, I have become a loyal customer. Before I started using your products, shaving my bikini area was a pain…literally. The hair would pull and I would bleed. Afterward, I would have red bumps all over. Not the most attractive scene when in a bathing suit. Since I started using your products, I have not had a problem. Thank you for making such a superior line of products.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
- Stacy

Helps immediately even just after waxing.                                                                                           

- Natali Mack
Prescott Valley, AZ

I just wanted to let you know that I really love your Bikini Zone products! I use the shaving gel for sensitive skin and the after-shave gel and have had great results. Yours is the first product I've found that really does the job!      

- Stephanie P.

This stuff is AMAZING! It's made the biggest difference, I could tell within 3 days. So happy with this product, I will definitely use again and recommend to others!!!!

-Alexandra Izuiero 
San Jose, CA

Hi! I have been using ... Bikini Zone gel for over a year now and it has absolutely been a life saver for me. Just two years ago, I could not go to the pool more than once every two weeks because of bumps. Every time I shaved I would experience terrible bumps that would not go away until the hair grew back. When I shaved I would have one to two days at the pool before the irritation occurred then would wait for two weeks before going back again. But, desperate to enjoy my summers at the pool, I tried these products and found that I am able to go every single day! With applying every night and then every morning before shaving, I can shave as much as I want without the slightest irritation! When my friends complain about their bikini area irritation, I immediately refer them to your products! Thanks again for your products!  

- Sherrie A.

I have suffered from bumps and irritation on my bikini area every time after shaving. I tried everything from waiting for the hair to grow in about a ¼ of an inch, to using a new blade in my razor every time, to antibacterial crème after shaving, and nothing would work. I bought your Bikini Zone Creme on a whim one day and I have to say that I am now hooked. I can now shave every 2 days and not be in any pain, itching or irritation. So thank you for this amazing product.

- Dana S.

I just wanted to write and say I absolutely love [Bikini Zone Anti-Shave Gel]! I rarely (if ever) get any sort of razor burn or stubble(unless I need a new razor blade)! I now refuse to shave without it! I have told many people about it and they all agree! Thanks for coming up with such an unbelievably effective product!


- Sarah G.


Hello, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for creating such a great line of products. I love using Bikini Zone for shaving. I use it at least once a week if not more. I have tried to go without it on occasions, but cannot! It makes all the difference. My high school cheerleading coach recommended it to me several years ago. I did

not try it right away, but when I finally did I was hooked.  Thanks again!        

- Cathryne

I like this shave gel in combination with the medicated gel. Have really cut down on the bumps and irritation. Highly recommend using both together. 

- Laura

I have terribly sensitive skin that tends to become raw and almost to the extent of a rash upon shaving. By chance, I tried a bottle of Bikini Zone shave gel, and have not had even the slightest redness since. I can honestly say I have tried practically every other product out there and have never had anything even close to the results I've seen with Bikini Zone. 

Thank you incredibly, 

- Sarah M.